Hirundo Sand Free Beach Mat Blanket

Hirundo Sand Free Beach Mat Blanket

$25.99 $51.99
$25.99 $51.99

Don't like sand all over your beach mat when you’re about to sun bath? Use the Hirundo Sand Free Beach Mat Blanket!!!

Product Features:

  • Sand free and Waterproof: Our blanket use the dual layer mesh technology to make sand fall straight through the blanket. The blanket makes sand、dust and water disappear from your body and clothes.
  • Portable: Our blanket is extremely lightweight and can be folded into a small pocket which make it convenient to carry and use.
  • Durable: It's easy to wash and quick dry.
  • Multi -uses: It can be used as blanket/ mat or sun/ rain shelter for outdoor sports.

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Hirundo Sand Free Beach Mat Blanket 
  • 1 X Free carry bag
  • 4 X Durable anchors