LED Message Hat

LED Message Hat

$39.99 $79.99
$39.99 $79.99

Here is a gif tutorial of using the app to select what you want to display:


This LED HAT is suitable for all special occasions and holidays including, concerts, sporting events, house parties, raves, clubs, Halloween, Christmas and the list goes on. 

Whether you are simply walking down the street, or running errands, or at a party, this hat will turn heads, attract attention and will be a great conversation starter. 

Also, you can remind people to stay 6 ft from you as you courageously do groceries or go to the one bank that is open within a 20km radius.  Seriously, people need to keep their distance, and you will be a walking social distance billboard.

1. Mobile APP Bluetooth connection (1 mobile phone can connect 2 hats)

2.  Support language: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German,Spanish, Korean, Russian, etc.

3. Resolution: 12 * 48 = 576 pixels

4. Text mode: can display 80 English characters

5. Animation mode:  draw the animation

6. Music mode: Music Equalizer display, the phone song automatically syncs

7. Text scrolling function: move left and right, up and down,flashing, snow, etc.

8. DIY editing: custom drawing, draw the animation you want

9. LED caller blinking function

10. Detachable:  separate display screen and hat, cotton hat, comfortable to wear, After removing the screen and battery can  be washed with water.


  • Color: Black, Red, White, Blue
  • Screen Size:123x23mm
  • Lighting Area Size:100x14mm
  • Resolution:48 * 12 pixels
  • Language:English
  • Edit Mode:Bluetooth Mobile APP
  • Charging Type:USB Port
  • Battery Type:Lithium Battery

Package Included:

  • 1 x LED Display Cap
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual