Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit

Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit

$29.99 $59.99
$29.99 $59.99


  • Day or Night

Now you can ditch those other failed attempts to emphasize your eyes. Our Magnetic Liner Lashes Kit is everything you need to look fabulous during the day and glamorous at night.

  • Easy Operation

The 2-step application is quick, easy, and painless. These magnetic lashes are unlike any other lash kit and the results are fantastic. There’s no glue, no injections, no special skills required.

  • Longer & Stronger

Each quality lash is made of non-organic material. That means you get thick, lush lashes strong enough to last and stay in place all day and all night.

  • Gentle Eye Care

Anti-aging skin care starts now, regardless of your age. Remove these magnetic lashes as easily as you applied them. Simple cleanser is all you need. No rubbing required. No irritated or stressed skin.


  • Type: Eyeliner&Eyelashes

  • Material: High-grade fiber

  • Volume: 5ml

  • Package: 5ml Magnetic Eyeliner+Two pairs of eyelashes