Three Sided Pet Toothbrush

Three Sided Pet Toothbrush

$16.99 $33.99
$16.99 $33.99

Every pet lover knows that a beautiful set of teeth is an indication of how well a pet is taken cared of. Our Pet Pearl Whites is the toothbrush which makes cleaning and brushing your dog's teeth easy and convenient. All you have to do is stick the thing inside the mouth, and brush (push and pull) for a cleaner, stronger and whiter set of teeth for your beloved pet!


  • THREE SIDED: It's simpler and more convenient for pets to brush their teeth, and it is more effective for them to brush their teeth easily.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The design of toothbrush is in line with dog's oral structure, which is more comfortable and safer. The handle is made of rubber, which can better grasp the toothbrush, and it is not easy to slide and fall off.

  • PERFECT FOR KEEPING PETS’ ORAL HEALTH: A clean mouth helps pets' health and helps their owners' health. 3 heads brush make brushing time shorter and make pets more comfortable.

  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Toothbrush for dogs can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

  • SUITABLE FOR MOST PETS: Innovative pet's dental products are designed for all dog and cat breeds


  • Color: Purple, Green, Orange, White, Blue

  • Weight: 0.08lb

  • Size: 6.7* 0.9inches

  • Material: TPR, PP, nylon

  • Packet: 1* Three Sided Pet Toothbrush